Mom’s Night Out!

Open to active SWLA CHEF members & potential members.


How would you like to go to a place…

where you are expected to come as you are, at 6:00 p.m. , and have a new lease on life by the time you leave at 9:00p.m?

where you can get FREE Godly marriage and parenting advice that is not from the latest psychological studies?

where you can share and receive biblical financial tips?

where there is lots of laughter and sometimes tears but always wonderful words of encouragement to help ease your fears?

where you can get validation that you are not losing your mind?

where you can get lots of encouragement that the homeschooling lifestyle is the “only” choice?

where you can explore and discuss various curriculum options?

where you can get a word from the Lord ,with a bible verse or two, just when you need it?

where you can attend a “Beautiful Budget Christmas Party” with a $ 2 theme? You kind of had to be there!

where this is plenty of fabulous food and the perfect time to exchange recipes and easy meal ideas for your family?

That’s right!!!!

This place is “Mom’s Night Out”!!!!

Contact Host of the event if you:

  •  plan on attending
  •  need directions to or a ride to our gathering



For more information email