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Here are yearly ongoing local events.  For more info, click on the title or the name of the contact person.  If you have any questions on times or locations of these events, please feel free to contact the host of the event or Katherine Martin

Please check each month for current events and look at the calendar.

"If you are considering homeschooling and would like to meet with other moms to ask questions, we have 2 events that you may attend, a Monthly Mom's Night Out and our yearly homeschool conference."

“The Board of SWLA CHEF is convinced that God has ordained parents with the responsibility and authority to make decisions for their families. We feel it is our responsibility to make certain opportunities known to our membership without necessarily endorsing them.

We encourage each family to determine what is appropriate for their family.”

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Keepers at Home

Club for Girls

We are a mother/daughter club that meets one time a month, usually on the 1st Friday afternoon. We use the program from  which includes skills in homemaking, creative work, Bible memory, Bible reading and more.


If interested contact Lorraine LeBleu at .

Homeschool Bowling Day
Petro Bowl at 630 Petro Point Drive, Lake Charles, LA 70607
the 2
nd Friday of each month (September through May)
Time: Noon to 2 p.m.
Cost: $5.00 for bowling, slice of pizza and a soda
Note: This event is open to all area homeschoolers.

omeschool Skate Day!
Skate City at 4720 Nelson Road, Lake Charles, LA 70605
When: the 4th Friday of the month (September, October, January, February, March, April and May)
Time: from 2-4 p.m..
Cost: $5.00 per person includes skating, skate rental, jump city, popcorn, and a drink.
Note: This is open to ALL homeschoolers and closed to the public


Benefits for HSLDA members

HSLDA, in cooperation with a special program sponsored by NFL players, is excited to offer SAT/ACT Prep DVD ROM Programs that retail for $199.95, but are available to HSLSA members for only a small processing fee of just $13.84. The materials,

Shipping and customer support fee allows the sponsorship to continue helping thousands of students every year. Without it the sponsorship would end.

If you have a high school student who could benefit from these prep courses, please don’t delay. This sponsorship is now in its fourth year and has donated over 125,000 programs valued over $25 million and has received more than 35,000 positive

Email responses. Some parents have used the program as a semester-long course… Not bad for under $15.00!

Important Note: The software is PC and MAC compatible and has a 1-year subscription. It will not work after one year, unless you renew the license.

Get more information about this offer from HSLSA at

Your Teen Can Make a Difference

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends:

Do you want your teenager to make a difference in our nation? If so, HSLDA's Generation Joshua program is just what you need. Sir Edmund Burke is reported to have said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

This fall, Generation Joshua is attempting to make sure good men and women - or in this case, good teens - will do something. Generation Joshua is partnering with the HSLDA PAC to deploy 2000 homeschooled volunteers in their Future of America Campaign. With all expenses paid, these teams will campaign for pro-homeschooling candidates who have been endorsed by the HSLDA PAC.

Generation Joshua's goal is to equip a generation of godly stewards for the nation God has entrusted to us. They strive to achieve their goal through many different programs, including 11 quality civics courses and the invaluable Generation Joshua Clubs program.

A 2-year individual membership in Generation Joshua - which includes access to the civics courses, the clubs program, the Future of America program, and many other member benefits - is only $35 ($25 for HLSDA members).

A 2-year family membership is only $90 ($70 for HSLDA members). Other low-cost membership options are also available.

For Liberty,

Mike Smith (President, HSLDA)  

Parental Rights Update What can you do to protect your rights?

*Urge your Senator to co-sponsor SJ Resolution 16 to block ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Senator David Vitter- Co-sponsor

*Urge your Representative to co-sponsor HJ Res 42 Co-sponsors:
Rep Steve Scalise - Co-sponsor
Rep John Fleming - Co-sponsor
Rep Rodney Alexander - Co-sponsor
Rep Bill Cassidy - Co-sponsor
Rep Charles Boustany - Co-sponsor
Rep Joe Cao –Not Supporting
Rep Charlie Melancon –Not Supporting

*Watch the trailer of The Child about the current condition of parental rights in America.

*Sign the petition at

"All who have ever written on government are unanimous, that among a people generally corrupt, liberty cannot long exist." Edmund Burk.

National Christian Forensics & Communications Association (NCFCA)

NCFCA is a program for homeschooled students age 12 to 18 that believes that formal speech and debate can provide a means for students to learn and exercise analytical and oratorical skills, addressing life issues from a Biblical worldview in a manner that glorifies God. NCFCA is a non-profit organization that is governed by a board and has state reps in 33 states. “Truth Revealed Speech & Debate Club” is an affiliate of NCFCA and has classes every Friday at Louisiana College from 12:30-4:00pm. For more information contact Paige Grimes @

BJU Press has an Inscriptions, Aspiring Writers Club. Below is information about the writing submission rules and contests.
Inscriptions Writing Contest
This year we are making a few changes at Inscriptions. Rather than having a contest every couple of months, we are going to allow you to submit work anytime you like. If you have a story, poem, essay, or other piece of writing that you would like us to see, please email it to me [Paige] at I will read through your submissions and pick one to publish on the Showcase every month or two. I'll also include some comments about the selected piece.. Best of all, there will be no entry fee for your submission! All you have to do is email it to me.

With this new format, I hope to be able to give each of you more feedback about your writing and help you develop your talent. We will still have the occasional contest, but it will be a surprise rather than a regular occurrence.

How it works:
1. Write something.
2. Read what you wrote aloud; then edit it.
3. Email your writing to me.
4. The Inscriptions staff and I will read each piece and select one to feature.
5. I will review the piece of writing, point out its strengths, and make a few helpful suggestions.
6. The selected work and my review will be published on the Showcase.

Do you like the new format? Send me an email with your comments. And as always, be sure to check with your parents before contacting me or submitting any work.


The National Endowment for the Humanities has launched a new project aimed at inspiring Americans about our history through art masterpieces. Entitled “Picturing America,” the program offers free art prints and educational materials to homeschool families.

The NEH has sent SWLA CHEF, Inc. 40 huge, high-quality color reproductions (24 by 36 inches) of famous paintings. There is also a teacher’s resource book with a wide range of ideas and background information to help you use the works of art in core subject areas.
View the program’s American masterpieces at

If you would like to use these pictures in your curriculum contact Katherine Martin at to borrow them. We hope that you take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn more about our nation’s history and to encourage learning about fine art.


Book-It Reading Incentive Program

Pizza Hut's reading incentive program is now enrolling for the 2016/2017 school year. When a child meets a monthly reading goal, the teacher gives him a Pizza Award Certificate. The child brings the certificate to a Pizza Hut restaurant where he is given a free one-topping Personal Pan Pizza. Homeschoolers may enroll as individuals.




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